Angelfish Minimum Tank Size

Thinking about getting a freshwater angelfish, but you have minimal room? We suggest a minimum tank size of 20 gallons for a single angelfish; however, you probably shouldn’t just keep one.

An angelfish tank takes planning, and the following information should help you get it right the first time. As fish keepers ourselves, we appreciate getting and sharing quality fish-keeping information. It allows us to help the hobby flourish and prevents disinformation from causing problems for you and your pets.

Some of the things we will look at include:

  • Angelfish minimum tank size
  • How to calculate fish tank requirements
  • Factoring in tank mates
  • Cover the most frequently asked questions related to minimum tank size

Angelfish Minimum Tank Size

Freshwater angelfish are a native species from the Amazon river basin. These fish can reach three or four inches in body length and up to six inches in height. With a lifespan of 10-12 years, you will need to find a home they can grow into and be content with for years.

Aquariums from manufacturers like Aqueon come in different sizes and shapes. Not all of these can make a good angelfish tank, however. A couple of things you need to consider before buying a tank:

  1. These fish are tall. Avoid aquariums listed as “long” in favor of a similar gallon tank labeled “tall.” A 30-gallon tank size should provide over a foot of vertical space. That gives more room for angelfish that are mid-water column feeders.
  2. Angelfish are semi-aggressive. The more room they have to stake out their territory, the less aggressive they will be toward others.

Room for one

How many angelfish should be kept together? They are a shoaling species, so keeping them in groups is recommended. If you do decide to keep a single angelfish (alone or in a community tank), you will need a gallon tank like a 20T (20-gallon tall).

Pairing up

A good rule of thumb is to add ten gallons to your angelfish tank for every fish above one. That means you need a 30-gallon tank for that breeding pair you are looking to buy.

Angelfish communities

Many experts recommend keeping angelfish in groups of 4-6. If you have the space and money, get a 55-gallon tank for 4-6 juveniles (be prepared to move some if things get too aggressive). We recommend a 75-gallon tank to keep six angelfish from becoming too aggressive.

How to Work Out the Minimum Size Tank For Angelfish

A quick reference for tank size:

  • One angelfishfish – 20 gallon tank
  • Two angelfish – 30 gallon tank
  • Three/Four angelfish – 40-55 gallon tank
  • Five/Six angelfish – 75 gallon tank

Calculate room for potential tank mates

If you plan on a community tank, you will want to consider the room needed for the other fish. A starting point during planning would be to use the one inch of fish per gallon of water rule discussed by Doctors of Veterinary Medicine online.

We recommend including your angelfish in this equation. Remember to calculate the estimated size your fish will grow into as adults. That way, you avoid having to sell their old home and move them into another.

Keeping in mind the equipment used to maintain water parameters

Do not overlook the room taken up by equipment when you try to calculate the minimum tank size. That is the reasoning behind suggesting a 20-gallon tall instead of a standard 20-gallon tank. That extra four inches on a higher tank fills quickly with the substrate (and maybe an under gravel filter).

Decor, filters, and hiding places will fill up space in your finished angelfish tank. If things get overcrowded, remove some decorations or fish to keep everyone happy.

Consider Other Tank Mates

A community tank with freshwater angelfish as the center attraction can be fun to watch and maintain.

Your pets can coexist with other species, but you want to avoid some of the more aggressive freshwater aquarium fish.

Shrimp are not compatible because your angelfish will eat or harass them. Speaking of eating, angelfish will make a meal out of small fish they can fit into their mouths.

Some tank mates worth looking into, depending on the tank size you have:

  • Compatible cichlids like Discuss or Dwarf Ciclids
  • Peaceful Barbs
  • Dwarf Gouramis
  • Larger Tetras and Rasboras
  • Mollies
  • Plecos
  • Corydoras and other medium-sized Catfish

Minimum Size Tank for Angelfish FAQs

What is the minimum tank size for one angelfish?

The minimum tank size for one angelfish is 20 gallons.

What is the minimum tank size for two angelfish?

The minimum tank size for two angelfish is 30 gallons. That gives an additional 10 gallons of water volume for the second fish.

What size tank do I need for four angelfish?

The minimum tank size for four angelfish should be 55 gallons. It will provide ample vertical space and allow your pets to establish their territories.

What is the angelfish minimum tank size in litres?

A minimum angelfish tank size of 20 US gallons would hold 75.7 litres of water. A good tool for calculating various aquarium conversions would be an online calculator.