Angelfish Temperature | What Is The Best Temperature for Freshwater Angelfish?

What is the correct temperature to maintain in your angelfish aquarium? An angelfish tank should be kept between 75 and 78 degrees Fahrenheit.

But, why is that important for your freshwater angelfish?

Angelfish Temperature

Aquarium fish, including your favorite angelfish, require specific water conditions to survive and thrive in your care. As a species found in the waters of the Amazon river, angelfish will need the water temperature to simulate those found in South America.

Here we share with you the proper temperature, tank size, and other water parameters that will help to keep your pets active, healthy, and happy!

Best Angelfish Temperature

Freshwater angelfish (ITIS designation Pterophyllum scalare) are native to the Amazon basin in Brazil, Columbia, and Peru. Part of angelfish care is maintaining temperatures in the aquarium that imitate those Amazon river conditions.

An angelfish temperature range between 70-85 degrees Fahrenheit is acceptable for most subspecies. The fish may tolerate a five-degree swing outside of that range for short periods, but we suggest staying within 75-78 degrees F.

Maintaining an adequate freshwater angelfish water temperature will prevent the stress cold/hot water conditions can create.

Do I need to add a heater to my Angelfish tank?

Yes, we recommend an aquarium heater as a necessary part of your angelfish care. Proper water parameters keep fish healthy and thriving. A heater also lets you maintain angelfish temperature ranges in moderate and cold climates.

The tank size will determine the size of the heater that you need. A simple formula is five watts per gallon for tanks up to 55 gallons and three watts per gallon for aquariums over 60 gallons. Aqueon manufactures fish tank heaters and has a chart that is easy to follow, along with other considerations worth looking at with your setup.

Fully-grown angelfish will appreciate a large aquarium of 55 gallons or more. A 150-watt heater would help raise the water temperature 5-10 degrees above room temperature.

Other General Tank Requirements for Angelfish

Some of the things you need to consider outside of angelfish temperature ranges are:

  • Minimum angelfish tank size of 30-gallons, but 55-gallons or more is ideal for room to roam
  • pH levels between 6.8 and 7.8
  • dkH water hardness between 3 and 8-degrees

These are cichlids, so they can be semi-aggressive as they pair off in community tanks. They tolerate peaceful tank mates but will eat smaller fish. Some favored foods are flakes, shrimp pellets, and tropical granules.

Best Temperature for Angelfish Eggs & Fry

A water change and raising the aquarium temperature for angel fish to 80 degrees or more (depending on the subspecies) will help stimulate the mating conditions in their natural habitats in South America. Angelfish are egg layers. Some captive-bred angelfish are known to eat their eggs and fry, but others have a solid instinct for caring for their young.

An adequate water temperature for eggs is 80 degrees F. An angelfish temperature between 80-82 degrees F will promote a quicker hatch.


Can angelfish live in cold water?

No, angelfish can not live in cold water. With an ideal angelfish temperature of around 75-78 degrees Fahrenheit, you might be able to go as low as 65 degrees for short durations without stressing your pets. Dropping to 60 degrees will likely stress or kill your angelfish.

What temperature do Angelfish die?

Prolonged exposure to water temp below 65-degrees or above 85-degrees can stress your freshwater Angelfish or kill them. Short-term exposures to these extremes are tolerable, but fast fluctuations (even within the ranges we just gave) can lead to stress-related health problems.

What is the best temperature for angelfish in Fahrenheit?

The best temperature for angelfish in Fahrenheit is 75-78 degrees. Ideal angelfish temperature ranges can vary between subspecies, but most sit between 75-86 (like pterophyllum scalare, covered in Tropical Fish Magazine).

At 75-78 degrees Fahrenheit, angelfish are active and have an excellent growth rate. That also gives you room to raise the temperature to help stimulate breeding conditions at 80-82 degrees F.

What temperature do angelfish like in Celsius?

The best temperature for angelfish in Celcius is 24-26 degrees. That is just over the ideal temperature in degrees Fahrenheit (which converts to about 23.9-25.6 degrees C). Again, this angelfish temperature will keep your pets active and allow them to grow adequately.

Can an angelfish die if not kept in a heated tank?

Yes, your angelfish can die if not kept in a heated tank. The only exception might be if you live in a region where the water temperature could not drop below 65 degrees F long term. Even then, a sustained angelfish temperature below 75 degrees F will make your angelfish less active and possibly stunt their growth.

The Angelfish Temperature That Keeps Your Pets Warm and Your Hobby Cool

We know that you want to offer your pets the best environment that lets them live long and healthy lives. Maintaining the water temperature for angelfish between 75 and 78 degrees Fahrenheit will help.

Proper angelfish care requires that all water conditions come close to those found in their native habitats in the Amazon river basin. They might tolerate slight fluctuations in the water parameters we covered as they are hardy fish but try to stay as close as possible to the suggested ranges. Most of all, enjoy your angelfish!