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Angelfish Tank Mates

Angelfish Tank Mates

Freshwater angelfish are colorful, peaceful fish that are hardy and easy to keep. These fish are also excellent additions to a community tank and look beautiful in a group. However, to avoid aggression, stress, or …
Sexing Angelfish

Sexing Angelfish

Figuring out how to tell the sex of an angelfish is notoriously tricky. Only when you observe male and female angelfish very carefully can you tell the difference between them. You may wonder, why is …
Are Angelfish Aggressive

Are Angelfish Aggressive?

When choosing fish for an aquarium, it’s always important to consider the species’ aggression level. Aggressive aquarium fish can cause injuries and stress to other fish, making the community tank an unhappy place. Keepers who …
Anglefish not eat title

Why Is My Angelfish Not Eating?

Has your angelfish been refusing to eat? Freshwater angelfish are some of the most popular aquarium fish however sometimes stop eating for no apparent reason. For fish keepers, this can be an incredibly stressful situation. …
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Freshwater Angelfish Care Guide

Have you fallen in love with the beautiful colors and unique shape of the freshwater angelfish? These fish are often prized for their attractive appearance and endearing and fascinating personalities. In addition, these striking fish …